Rwanda: Revirement dans le procès de Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza : des témoins de l’accusation déclarent que le CDF n’a jamais existé

Kigali, 29th April 2013
Au 8ème jour de son procès en appel, la cour suprême a entendu les témoins de l’accusation à savoir le Lieutenant-colonel Tharcisse Nditurende, le Lt colonel Habiyaremye Noël, le Capitaine Karuta Jean Marie Vianney et le Major Uwumuremyi Vital. Ils ont tous critiqué le dossier de l’accusation spécialement en ce qui a trait à la formation d’une organisation armée.
Ces témoins avaient plaidé coupable devant la Haute cour d’avoir formé une organisation militaire, le CDF qui devait être une branche armée des FDU-INKINGI. Ils affirment qu’ils n’ont jamais été membres de cette organisation, par ce qu’elle n’a jamais existé. La Haute Cour s’était basé sur ces aveux pour condamner Madame Victoire Ingabire.Kigali, 29th April 2013
On the 8th day of Ingabire’s appeal, the Supreme Court heard the prosecution witnesses namely Lieutenant-Colonel Tharcisse Nditurende, Lt Colonel Noël Habiyaremye, Captain Jean Marie Vianney Karuta and Major Vital Uwumuremyi. They all criticized the prosecution’s case especially in regard to the formation of an armed organization.
These witnesses had pleaded guilty in the High Court to have formed a military organization, the CDF which allegedly was to be a military wing of FDU-INKINGI. They affirm they have never been members of such organization because it has never existed. Mrs Victoire Ingabire’s conviction by the High Court was based on these confessions.
With regard to talks that these witnesses would have had with Madam Ingabire, Tharcisse Nditurende declared that they contacted Ingabire to see if she could be of any use to them, but she never responded positively, especially that she was more concerned about her intention to return to Rwanda and to enter political scene. He added that he immediately realized that he could not expect anything from someone who wanted to return to Rwanda.
S’agissant des pourparlers que ces témoins auraient eu avec Madame Ingabire, Tharcisse Nditurende a déclaré qu’ils ont contacté Madame Ingabire pour voir si elle pouvait leur être d’une quelconque utilité, mais qu’elle n’a jamais répondu positivement, surtout qu’elle était plus préoccupée par son souci de rentrer au Rwanda et d’y faire la politique. Et d’ajouter qu’il a tout de suite réalisé qu’il ne pouvait rien espérer de quelqu’un qui voulait rentrer au Rwanda.
Nditurende a déclaré que l’aide dont ils avaient besoin ne consistait pas à former une branche armée des FDU, mais à un soutien financier afin de pouvoir résister aux attaques de leurs confrères des FDLR et de l’armée congolaise.
Revenant sur les mails, Tharcisse Nditurende a déclaré à la Cour Suprême que durant sa détention, le ministère Public l’avait forcé à révéler son mot de passe de telle sorte qu’il pouvait accéder librement à son compte mail. Or, ceci ne pouvait être possible qu’avec l’autorisation du procureur général comme l’a bien souligné la défense de Madame Ingabire.
La défense de Madame Ingabire avait mis en doute l’authenticité de ces mails, étant donné que les enquêteurs avaient accès au compte mail des co- accusés, et qu’ils pouvaient les fabriquer. Elle avait aussi relevé les nombreuses contradictions dans leurs contenus.
Le major Uwumuremyi Vital a quant lui demandé, à l’instar de Madame Ingabire, que la cour tienne compte de l’accord conclu entre le Rwanda et la RDC sous l’égide de l’ONU, qui stipule entre autre que les ex –combattants des FDLR qui déposeraient les armes ou seraient rapatriés suite aux opérations UMOJA WETU ne seraient pas poursuivis pour des faits commis en RDC, à l’exception des crimes de génocide, des crimes de guerre ou des crimes contre l’humanité et qui faisaient déjà l’objet d’un mandat d’arrêt émis par le Rwanda ou par la communauté internationale .
Tous ces ex combattants des FDLR ont clôturé leurs auditions en demandant à la cour de leur rendre justice et de diminuer les peines qui leur sont infligées par la Haute Cour en violation de la loi tel que plaidé par leurs conseils.
Twagirimana Boniface
Vice-président intérimaire
Nditurende declared that the help they needed was not to form a military wing of the FDU, but financial support in order to withstand attacks from their fellow FDLR and from the Congolese army.
Coming back to the e-mails, Tharcisse Nditurende told the Supreme Court that during his detention, the Ministry of Justice had forced him to reveal his password so they could have free access to his email account. However, this could not be possible without the Attorney General’s authorisation as Ingabire’s defense counsel has emphasized.
Ingabire’s defense counsel had questioned the authenticity of these messages, because the investigators had access to the email account of the co-defendants, and that they could make them up. It also noted many contradictions in their content.
Meanwhile, like Mrs Ingabire, Major Uwumuremyi Vital has asked the court to take into account the agreement between Rwanda and the DRC under the auspices of the UN, which states, among other things, that the ex – FDLR fighters, who would lay down their arms or be repatriated following Umoja Wetu operations, would not be prosecuted for acts committed in the DRC, with the exception of crimes of genocide, war crimes or crimes against humanity that were already the subject of an arrest warrant issued by Rwanda or by the international community.
All these former FDLR combatants wrapped up their hearings by asking the court to do justice to them and to decrease punishment inflicted on them by the High Court in violation of the law as argued by their counsel.
All along her trial, the Defence of Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza had told the court that the so called CDF armed group never existed and that the idea was merely invention of the State to put Mrs Ingabire behind bars and to stop her from running in presidential elections. It is noteworthy to recall the statement made President Kagame in an interview with “Monitor Newspaper” Managing Editor DANIEL KALINAKI in May 2010, three months before presidential elections. I quote:
“This woman will certainly be where she belongs. She was charged in the court of law, she’s now out on bail but the matters are serious and are there as a matter of fact. How then do I explain myself or for this country beyond that? Now the outsiders who want so badly Ingabire to be an opposition leader here or later on be our president, well, they may wait for a while”.
Now that the “serious matters” are more no more than a concoction of the State we are still to see how independent the Supreme Court will be as a guarantor of the rule of law.
FDU-INKINGI Twagirimana Boniface Interim Vice-President
Aba basirikare bose bakaba mu byo bashinjwaga harimo icyo kurema umutwe wa gisirikare uvugwa  ko wagombaga kuba ushamikiye kuri FDU-Inkingi ariko ba nyir’ukuwutangaza barimo Major Vital Uwumuremyi bakaba bemeza ko utigeze ubaho ko ndetse no kuba ingabo z’uwo mutwe bitigeze bibaho.
Ku birebana n’imishyikirano ubushinjacyaha buvuga ko aba basirikare bagiranye na Ingabire , Tharcisse Nditurende umuyobozi w’aba basirikare yavuze ko nyuma yo kureba ko Ingabire  hari icyo yabamarira mu kubatera inkunga yaje kubona ko ngo bitashoboka kuko ntacyo yigeze abamarira mubyo bamusabye, cyane  ko Ingabire we  yari ashishikajwe no kuza gukorera politiki mu gihugu nkuko byavugwaga mu bitangazamakuru  bitandukanye, bityo ngo Tharcisse  akaba yarabonaga nta kintu bakorana n’umuntu  wigiriye mu Rwanda. Tharcisse Nditurende yanabwiye urukiko ko inkunga bari bakeneye itari iyo gushinga umutwe ushamikiye kuri FDU ahubwo ko bari bakeneye uwabafasha kubona inkunga yo guhangana n’ibitero byari bibugarije bimwe bituruka kuri bagenzi babo bo muri FDLR  n’ibindi byaturukaga ku ngabo za Congo.
Ku kibazo cya e mails, Lt .Colonel Nditurende Tharcice yabwiye urukiko ko igihe yari afunze ubushinjacyaha bwari bwaramwatse ijambo ry’ibanga( mot de passe) kuburyo bwabashaga kwinjira muri boite e mail ze. Nditurende Tharcisse akaba yanabwiye urukiko ko atari azi ko bibujijwe.
Ko  ubushinjacyaha bwajya  muri  boite e mail y’umuntu  butamweretse uruhushya rwanditse n’umushinjacyaha mukuru ku rwego rw’igihugu   nkuko byatangajwe n’abunganira Ingabire.
Ibyo bikorwa byo kwinjira muri email z’abantu nibyo  abunganira Ingabire baheraho  bemeza ko na za email ubushinjacyaha bukoresha mu rubanza zishobora kuba zarahimbwe n’ubushinjacyaha ndetse n’ubugenzacyaha ukurikije ibizivugwamo binavuguruzanya kandi birimo urujijo rwinshi.
Major  Vital Uwumuremyi akaba yabwiye urukiko ko rwazaha agaciro amasezerano yabaye hagati ya Leta y’u Rwanda na leta ya Congo ndetse bahagarikiwe n’umuryango w’abibumbye aho bavugaga ko abahoze mu barwanyi ba FDLR bazataha haba ku bushake cyangwa ku gitutu cya ‘operation Umoja Wetu ‘ ko batagombaga gukurikiranwa ku byaha bakoreye mu mashyamba ya Congo,usibye ababa bakekwaho icyaha cya genocide ,ibyaha by’intambara cyangwa ibyaha byibasiye inyoko muntu bashakishwa n’ubutabera bwo mu Rwanda cyangwa mpuzamahanga.
Aba basirikare bose bakaba bashoje basaba kurenganurwa ndetse no kugabanyirizwa ibihano kubyo bakatiwe mu Rukiko Rukuru aho bamwe mu babunganira bavuga ko Urukiko Rukuru  rwakoresheje nabi amategeko mu kubahamya ibyaha ariko bakanashima uru rukiko  mu kuba rwarahaye agaciro ubwirege bwabo bukabagabanyiriza igihano.
Nyuma yo kumva icyo aba basirikare bavuga ku bujurire bw’ubushinjacyaha,urubanza ruzakomeza ku munsi w’ejo Ingabire Victoire nawe asubiza ku bujurire bw’ubushinjacyaha.
Twagirimana Boniface
Visi –Perezida w’agateganyo.

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