Kigali, 16 October 2012

On 15 October 2012, the KARONGI Intermediate Court has refused the bail appeal of 8 members of FDU-Inkingi arrested in Rutsiro District on politically motivated charges after they attended a meeting with the party interim secretary General Sylvain Sibomana, himself now under a red notice as a most wanted offender.

Political prisoner Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, European Union 2012 Sakharov prize for freedom of thought nominee, has completed her second anniversary in maximum prison.

The Karongi ruling to keep in prison 8 FDU-Inkingi opposition members Mutuyimana Anselme, Uwiringiyimana venuste, Ufitamahoro Norbert, Dukundane Moise, Twizerimana Valens, Nahimana Marcel, Byukusenge Emmanuel and Gasengayire Leonille just for attending a meeting has brought to the edge the internal opposition. All in all, the hopes for any meaningful opening of the political space under the current dictatorship have definitely waned.

Manhunt is underway for others as the National Public Prosecution Authority has intensified plans to capture Mr. Sylvain SIBOMANA, the interim Secretary General, TUGANIMANA Christian (Rutsiro District), Jean Claude Alias MINISTRE (Rutsiro District) and NYAMINANI (Rutsiro District) for criticising governmental policy.

In his submission on 24 September 2012, the prosecution explained what he called very strong grounds of his case as follows:

“MUTUYIMANA Anselme, UFITAMAHORO Norbert, BYUKUSENGE Emmanuel, GASENGAYIRE Leonille, TWIZERIMANA Valens, NAHIMANA Marcel, UWIRINGIYIMANA Venuste, DUKUNDANE Moise during police and prosecutor’s interviews accepted that they attended the FDU INKINGI meeting, knowing that it is not a registered party.During the meeting they heard negative critics against the governmental policy relating to inadequacy of education, stating that it is poorly orientated because so many people remain jobless after school training, that the training is poor. They were told that contributions to the health fund plan, are not used properly, and instead used for security purposes, supporting reserve force personnel. Regarding development, the meeting chair informed that there are more investments in Kigali city while rural areas are neglected, giving examples of modern buildings in Kigali capital city while the road KARONGI-RUBAVU in not constructed. Regarding public salaries, he criticised the government that there are higher inequalities between public sector employees, sharing the same markets, he said that Agaciro Development fund was in the beginning said to be based a voluntary contribution but it turned out to be now obligatory. And after hearing all those dangerous thoughts, they went home and did not report to authorities (quotes 5-8. 9-13, 14-17, 18-20, 21-23, 24-26, 27-30, 37-41,in the police), (quotes 50-51, 52-53, 54-56, 63-65, 67-68, 69-71, 74, 75-76, 77-78, 81 in prosecution interviews)”.

Pursuant to article 94 §1,2,3 and article 95 of the Criminal procedure code (CPP), the prosecution requested a preventive detention until the evidential stage of the case alleging that being at liberty they can destroy or compromise evidence whereas there are fears for high risk of justice flight like some of their accomplices most wanted but still at large, while charged with dangerous crimes that could be a threat to the law and order in the population while continuing to disseminate that toxic seeds among Rwandans”, concluded the prosecutor.


This week, two verdicts are expected in the case of political prisoner Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza: on 18 October 2012, 11:00 the Supreme Court ruling on the constitutional review of genocide ideology law while the High court’s verdict on all charges is expected on 19 October 2012, 11:00.

We are on our own, in our own land, if necessary we will march until freedom is won. If not what kind of opposition is possible in Rwanda under President Paul Kagame ?

Boniface Twagirimana
Interim Vice president

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