The Unified Democratic Forces (FDU-INKINGI) is a political formation made up of citizens united by a community of ideas and a common conviction, as to the vision of promoting the social well-being of all citizens and the development of the country.

The FDU are determined to offer the Rwandan people a credible democratic alternative and peaceful coexistence with neighboring peoples and states. The rule of law is recognized through the primacy of law and legality, equality before the law, equity, respect and dignity accorded to each individual. The holder of ultimate sovereignty being the people,the State has the obligation to work for the promotion of collective well-being and to protect each citizen against arbitrariness and discrimination.

Rwanda is sinking deeper and deeper into a disastrous socio-economic and political situation The failure to resolve internal conflicts in Rwanda is the main factor in the outbreak and development of regional insecurity. The genocide, massive crimes against humanity, war crimes as well as the establishment of a sectarian and wheeler-dealing totalitarian regime have reinforced ethnic and social divisions within the Rwandan community, thus undermining reconciliation and national cohesion and continuing to generate a continuous flow of refugees never equaled in the history of the country, or even of the African continent.

Rwanda has become a structural source of tension and political conflict as well as destabilization for all the countries of the Great Lakes region. This insecurity is likely to spread in the medium term to the countries of East and Central Africa, and even further afield. peace and the security of the Great Lakes region does not depend on the sole disarmament and the sole repatriation of members of Rwandan armed groups present on the territory of a State neighboring Rwanda, but above all the overall settlement of internal political conflicts in Rwanda. Regional peace and security will remain threatened as long as an appropriate solution to the very heavy inter-Rwandan dispute is not found.

The FDU-INKINGI bases its policy on the possibilities of each Rwandan, to invent a resolutely new future, abolishing the divisions and exclusions which undermine Rwandan society and prevent the advent of the rule of law. They want to promote in each Rwandan a person responsible for their individual destiny and in solidarity with the future of all their compatriots. The FDU-INKINGI are ready to bring about in-depth political change in order to establish reassuring political institutions for everyone. This requires the abolition of the current political system characterized by totalitarianism, exclusion, profiteering, military adventurism and political expansionism.

In summary, the FDU_INKINGI have the ambition to establish a rule of law and democratic institutions respectful of everyone, to reconcile and reunite a people struck with the indelible seal of the horror of genocide, crimes against humanity and massive human rights violations. And, in full agreement with the other countries, they have the will to work in favor of African economic and political integration as far as possible.

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The United Democratic Forces (UDF-Inkingi) are a Rwandese political organisation that was created by Rwandan exiles with a key objective of ending totalitarianism that has been established the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) party and to replace it with the rule of law in Rwanda, a good governance underpinned by democratic values, justice, equal opportunity and ethnic harmony. That moral responsibility has become a necessity given that the RPF regime is driven by ethnic discrimination, injustice and state sponsored terror both inside and outside of Rwanda.

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