(English) Rwanda : President Kagame Campaign Rally Claims Victims in Gitarama

Press Release

The Unified Democratic Forces (FDU-Inkingi) have learnt with great concern allegations of arrests of people who do not attend public rallies to sing the praises of the incumbent President Paul Kagame.

We have received information from very reliable sources that on the 18th of July 2017, Mr Nsabimana Reverien alias Godi (Godfroid) a local trader of food produce was arrested with his wife, children and domestic servant because he failed to attend the public rally to sing the praises of President Kagame for his campaign for a third term. The young children were left alone and were taken by neighbours to their home for comfort them and protection. The wife and domestic servant have been released, but Mr Nsabimana and his eldest daughter are still detained at the Police station with is who has just graduated from university.

On his unlucky day of 18th of July 2017, Mr Nsabimana, Nyamabuye sector, Gahogo cell, near Muhanga (former Gitarama) stadium, had decided to close his business like everybody else in town and to stay at home with his family. It is reported that during President Kagame rally, security agents saw smoke coming out his house (it is close to the stadium) and went to invade the house to know who was inside. When the domestic servant refused to open the gate, they jumped over the property fence and forced the family to open the house.

FDU-Inkingi calls upon the Minister of Justice to intervene immediately to get Mr Nsabimana and his daughter released and if there is any charge against them to bring them before a competent judge as the law in Rwanda demands.

If these allegations are confirmed the whole world will understand why such big crowds attend President Kagame rallies and why our party has refused to be party to a masquerade of democratic elections

We call on the international community to reject the results coming out of a fraudulent election process.


Done in London on 31st July 2017

Justin Bahunga

Commissioner for External Relations and spokesperson




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