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From the 1st  to the 2nd  September 2018, the FDU-Inkingi held their fourth ordinary congress.

On behalf of the President of the Party Mrs. Ingabire Umuhoza Victoire imprisoned in Rwanda, the Congress was opened by Second Vice President Joseph Bukeye. He recalled that the Congress is held in difficult circumstances because the RPF has arbitrarily imprisoned 12 of its members, including the first Vice-President of the Party.

Furthermore, it is taking place at a time when Rwanda is characterized by an unprecedented climate of insecurity that manifests itself in public incitement to summary executions by senior Rwandan political and military officials, the grapping of peasants’ land by the political and military top brass and the control of the entire economy by the ruling party.

The outgoing Committee then made a critical assessment of its mandate which revealed that it had been largely positive. This assessment was also considered positive by the Monitoring and Evaluation Commission, which presented its report to the Congress.

The congress then analyzed the actions taken to achieve the objectives that the outgoing committee had set itself. From the assessment the congress was able to identify the political orientation that will serve as references for the program of the next mandate.

Congress welcomed the climate of unity and solidarity that has characterized the work of all Party structures. It then proceeded to the approval of the amendments to its rules of procedure.

After the resignation of the outgoing Committee, the Electoral Commission announced the candidates, before proceeding to the elections of the new political bureau.

The results of the elections of the Political Bureau are as follows:

–        President                                                        : Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza

–        First Vice-President                                        : Mr. Boniface Twagirimana

–        Second Vice-President                                   : Mr. Justin Bahunga

–        Third Vice-President                                      : Mr. Placida Kayumba

–        First Secretary General                                  : Mr. Sylvain Sibomana

–        Second Secretary General                             : Mr. Fidèle Kabera

–        Treasurer                                                        : Mr. Boniface Mbonigaba

–        Assistant Treasurer                                        : Miss Léonille Gasengayire


After the election of the Political Bureau, the commissioners were proposed and approved by the Congress. The Congress then elected the members of the Specialist Commissions.

Delegates listened attentively to the contributions of civil society guests who all praised the collaboration between political parties and collaboration between FDU-Inkingi and civil society.

They appreciated the democratic process witnessed at FDU-INKINGI. Civil society representatives promised delegates to support any initiative that promotes equitable justice in Rwanda.

In his address, Mr. Bahunga Justin thanked the outgoing committee, including his predecessor Mr. Bukeye Joseph and his team. He also thanked the delegates for their active and serene participation in the work of the Congress. He called on the congressmen to become fully involved in party operations to accelerate the liberation of the Rwandan people from the yoke and oppression of the RPF.


Conviction and determination will lead to victory.


Done at Louvain on September 2, 2018

Fidèle Kabera

2nd Secretary General

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