We have learnt, from reliable sources,  that the ruling party in Rwanda, RPF, is repeating its old dirty tactics of using false identities to catch unsuspecting members of the opposition. In this regard, it is sending agents all over the country claiming to be members of FDU-Inkingi in order to trap innocent citizens and they are also framing people as members of FDU-Inkingi as they desperately seek false charges against the leaders of our party. They are looking for new people to arrest as if the plight of the 8 members of the FDU-Inkingi who are unjustly held by the police were not enough.

Indeed, a certain Rugirumunsi Damascene, known to have been used by the DMI to arrest Mr Théophile Ntirutwa, head of our party in the city of Kigali, travelled to the district of Remera, around Kinunga, NYARUGENGE village where he reportedly told lies that he was on a mission on behalf of the 2nd Vice President of the FDU-Inkingi. He was trying to extract information about the party and to gain the confidence of the members and get them arrested.

The FDU-Inkingi would like to recall that this is happening in the home region of the late Jean Damascene Habarugira, a member of the party who was brutally murdered by the security services. His mutilated body, with eyes gouged out and the neck almost severed off, was found at the Nyamata hospital mortuary.

We would like to recall that members of FDU-Inkingi in detention since their arrest in September 2017 include:

  1. Boniface Twagirimana (1st Vice President of FDU-Inkingi)
  2. Fabien Twagirayezu ( in charge of mobilisation )
  3. Gasengayire Leonille (Deputy Treasurer)
  4. Gratien Nsabiyaremye (Deputy Commissioner for Policy and Strategy of FDU-Inkingi)
  5. Théophile Ntirutwa ( Party Coordinator in Kigali city)
  6. Vénant  Abayisenga (Party  coordinator in Western Province)
  7. Norbert Ufitamahoro (member)
  8. Evode Mbarushimana (member)

The FDU-Inkingi would like to recall that the same tactics were used during the RPF military campaign from 1990 to 1994 to identify opponents to its capture of power and then eliminate them. It would send its agents purporting to be members of the ruling party MRND in order to identify those who were against the INKOTANYI.

The FDU-Inkingi would like to warn the Rwandan population against falling in the sinister trap of government agents purporting to be members of the FDU-Inkingi. FDU-Inkingi condemn in passing this cowardly act of the RPF regime, which seeks to criminalize the party, following the heavy blow inflicted on it by the judgement of the African Court of Human and Peoples ‘ Rights in Arusha, which concluded that the charges against Mrs Victory Ingabire, FDU-Inkingi, were invalid.

Rather than asking her what FDU-Inkingi intends to do after this verdict, the RPF should draw the necessary conclusions and stop looking for false culprits.


Done in London December 5, 2017


Justin Bahunga

Commissioner for external relations and spokesperson

Contacts: infocomrelext@fdu-rwanda.com Phone: +44-7988-883-576

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