(English) Rwanda : Congratulatory message to H.E. John P J Magufuli, President-elect of United Republic of Tanzania

H E John P J Magufuli
President Elect of the United Republic of Tanzania
Dar-es Salaam
Brussels, 29th October 2015
Your Excellency, 
The Rwandan opposition political platform, composed of political organisations Amahoro PC, FDU-Inkingi, PDP- Imanzi, PS Imberakuri and Rwanda National Congress- RNC has learnt with great satisfaction your election as the next President of the United Republic of Tanzania.
We would like to seize this great opportunity to extend to your Excellency, our warmest congratulations and to wish you every success in the great task of taking Tanzania to greater heights in terms of national unity, prosperity of her people and in maintaining her position as an anchor of regional stability in a politically unstable region. We would also like to extend our sincere congratulations to the CCM Party for the renewed confidence and trust by the people of Tanzania to spearhead their aspirations for a great future.

The Tanzanian people and its political leadership have demonstrated once again a high level of political maturity and proven wrong dictators and their lobbies who claim loud that Africans are not civilised enough to exercise peacefully a real competitive democracy. 
We take pride in the success of Tanzania which should be a good model of democracy to Rwanda, a neighbouring country and a good role model of solid institutions and stability to whoever wants to learn that diversity can be a great resource and that ethnicity is not the problem in Africa but rather poor leadership, unable or unwilling to manage naturally divergent societal demands without resorting to repression or coercion of its own people. 
We thank your government for its indefatigable efforts to be on the side of the countries of the sub region in seeking regional stability. We would like to mention in particular the special efforts of Tanzania since the Rwandan conflict started in 1990 through to the Arusha Peace Agreement and up to this day to build durable peace in Rwanda.
We admire the high level of the Tanzanian government patience and wise attitude demonstrated in the face of the Rwandan leadership’s provocation. We pledge our commitment to working with your government and other peace loving people and governments to bring the Rwandan regime to appreciate the benefits of peaceful resolution of conflict.
Indeed, the Rwandan opposition, more than anyone else, strongly believe in the importance of peaceful resolution of conflicts, and we are ready to stand on your side in your efforts to bring peace to our region.
Yours sincerely  
PP signatories
Bukeye Joseph
President of the Platform
Rwanda : Congratulatory message to H.E. John P J Magufuli of Tanzania

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