(English) FDU-Inkingi sends out an SOS message for the personal safety of Gratien Nsabiyaremye threatened by the RPF regime in Rwanda

Mr. Gratien Nsabiyaremye, Commissioner for Political Affairs of FDU Inkingi is threatened by the regime of the RPF Inkotanyi. There are serious indications that his life could be at significant risk of harm, particularly because of his negative response to the psychological pressure to join the RPF Inkotanyi party.
We would like to recall that the Secretary General of FDU – Inkingi, Mr. Sylvain Sibomana, was arrested, in this same place of Rutsiro where Gratien is teaching, for the sole reason of being seen sharing a drink and chatting with a few people in a pub. This was construed as a recruitment meeting for people to join his party FDU- Inkingi.

Other people have met the same fate for refusing to join the RPF and opting for other parties or desisting to cooperate with the RPF. As an illustration, we would like to mention the murder of Mr. Rwisereka, Vice- President of Green Party, and the murder of the businessman Rwigara Assinapol whose family state that the murder was ordered by the regime of President Kagame after Assinapol refusal to give a share of his wealth with the RPF – Inkotanyi party.
Information from various sources indicates that the regime of the RPF – Inkotanyi is using the DMI (Directorate for Military Intelligence) to get rid of those suspected of being against the amendment of the Constitution or encourage other to so the same. It is strongly suspected that as usual the authorities intend to cover up their actions by misinforming the public that those who are missing have joined the FDLR or have been killed by “criminal” elements. FDU-Inkingi of which Gratien is a member is opposed to the amendment of the Constitution.
The situation of Gratien started to get complicated following the visit of some people who were posing as envoys of the General Secretariat of RPF-Inkotanyi on 08/11/2012. They included Nyirinkindi Gervais and Gasana Clement Karasira. They met him in Rutsiro where he teaches and asked him to join the RPF if he wanted to live a peaceful life. This was done in total violation of paragraph 2 of Article 11 of the Constitution of 04.06.2003, as amended until 17/06/2010.
The efforts did not end there as on 01/03/2013, RPF officials went to see him in Gisenyi, Rubavu district, his place of birth, to ask him to join the RPF; he once again refused. This was again another violation by the RPF of Article 53 of the Constitution of 04.06.2003 as amended until the 17/06/2010.
In February 2014, a high powered delegation of Rutsiro authorities went to the school where he teaches to intimidate him to join the RPF. They intimidated him by telling him that refusing to join the RPF was tantamount to declaring himself “enemy of the country”. These authorities included the Mayor of Rutsiro, Byukusenge accompanied by a military officer with a rank of Major, an RPF party agent, a police officer in charge of “community policing” and one agent known by the name of Moise in charge of military intelligence in Rutsiro District.
On September 12, 2015 two military officers from the military contingent based in Rutsiro who included Captain Munyawera Vianney came to the school where Gratien teaches and talked to some students whom they asked to spy on Gratien’s activities at School and report to them.
In consideration of these concerns and pursuant to paragraph 2 of Article 10 of the Constitution , FDU Inkingi ask the authority vested with power to guarantee fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens to do so with respect to Mr. Gratien Nsabiyaremye and to instruct the authorities of Rutsiro to stop harassing him. FDU Inkingi in particular calls for an investigation to be carried out, regarding the allegations of a plot to eliminate Gratian Nsabiyaremye physically.
We invite the country’s Security Services to desist from being used as a tool of the RPF Inkotanyi political Party and to be apolitical, responsible for the safety of all Rwandans without distinction , including those who are critical of the ruling Party RPF. They must bear in mind that things change and that each one, individually, has to account for their evil deeds.
FDU Inkingi would like to thank human rights organizations that continue to be advocates of the “voiceless “. We appeal to them with earnest to maintain the pressure in order to ensure that investigations are carried out and to denounce the harassment of critics of the government and members of opposition parties.

London   08/10/2015

Bahunga Justin
Commissioner for External Relations and spokesperson
FDU-Inkingi sends out an SOS message for the personal safety of Gratien Nsabiyaremye threatened by the RPF in Rwanda(PDF)

  • Mrs  Zainabu Sylvie Kayitesi
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